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Jonathan Hamilton, a Windlesham resident on Updown Hill; I am a freelance utility broker with 15 years experience in the utility Industry, helping both businesses and homeowners:


Homeowners. To serve homeowners (and tenants) I am a partner with Utility Warehouse “UW”. UW are a Which? magazine accredited supplier. This is important because Which? are the only independent comparison service out there – they don’t take a back-hander for recommending a company. They are entirely impartial. UW customers can take: Gas & Electricity, Telephone, Broadband, Mobile Phone and boiler insurance. Customers do not have to take all the services and can mix and match as they wish, receiving one clear, straightforward bill every month. I take pride in looking after his customers and am always on hand to guide and support my customers. As an ex-IT support engineer, I also offer unlimited, free IT support to all my customers as a complimentary service. You can find out more by clicking on “save money” on my website at:


Business owners. To best serve business owners, I partner with commercial utility broker Full Power Utilities. There is no business too large or too small to benefit. Full Power are one of the largest brokers in the UK with a strong track record and a fantastic support team. In business, it’s hard to know who to trust. Plus there’s 1001 things to do – scrutinising utility bills is often not a priority. Typically business owners will be cold-called by commercial brokers on a weekly basis by an often nefarious agent hoping to tie them into an uncompetitive deal which will earn them the most commission. I have helped many businesses from shops to pubs to industrial units to get a competitive deal and save £££ on their outgoings. I operate an entirely honourable, no-pressure approach which is fast, clear and straightforward. You can find out more at my partner page:


The best way to find out if I can help you is to call or WhatsApp me directly on: 07782 36156

Jonathan Hamilton

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