Windlesham​ Society.
Windlesham​ Society.


The clock is a three train flat bed, ting-tang % chime by Benson circa 1900. The clock movement is enclosed in a good condition wooden cabinet which has kept it in a clean state.

The plain brass bushes on the front and rear clock plates and steel pivots of all of the shafts are completely dry, which may have caused some of the bearing surfaces to have started to pick up.

We propose to ship, clean and inspect the clock movement, all the pivots and bushes and any surfaces can then be polished, lubricated and re-assembled. This work can be carried out on site.

The three bell hammers will need to be removed for cleaning and repairing at our workshop, along with the three sets of motion works, to remove these will first require the removal of the three sets of hands. This will be done using the scaffolding to already be in place.

The clock has an electric auto wind system fitted, one to each of the clock trains which is not completely standard in the turret clock business. The motors are standard and can be tested and reused, the on/off switching system needs to be replaced along with an over wind cut-out system which is not there at the moment.

The three electric motors will be removed for testing at our workshop. The three sets of motion works will be lubricated ready for re-fitting along with the hands and synchronized with the clock movement.

The three bell hammers will be lubricated ready for re-fitting and connected to the lifting levers on the clock movement with new hammer wire.