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Heathrow Article

It is important that our decisions are taken consensually but I never imagined there would be so much controversy over the Heathrow article.
This is an issue not worth falling out over
I did say I would do one and I agreed with Fiona that I would let her have it on or just before the 5th, which was the deadline.
I wrote it early on the 4th and I assumed that as we were so near the deadline Pat would have done her regular bit and I was certain there would be no clash.
Now the deadline is reached and we have two alternative approached but no alternatives but anything else we are doing. I am trying to maximise our magazine coverage to show we are alive and well and that means the usual monthly bit and additional items.
In the circumstances it is clear that there is no alternative but to use Pat’s page and not the article.
I have some amendments to that because I have been misinterpreted and it does need the relevant web sites as there is only 21 days from publication to closing date.
I am not however putting my article on the website because it is not a website friendly article.
I write for 3 professional journals and I also blog for one of there websites.

The material used is very different. Researched articles go in journals and are read but for the website you need a blog which is much more opinion approached.
Our research shows that the two mediums do not mix. I can got 3000 people reading a blog but I would not get anything like that with an article on a website.
I agree that Pats normal piece should go.
I will send Pat my corrections to that.
The article will go nowhere.
By 1st May I will produce something for the Website.