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Windlesham​ Society.


Some ‘Good News’ we have just received from Democratic Services that the Boundary Commission has agreed to the recommendation for Windlesham Village to be reunited at Parish level. This means from the elections in 2023 Windlesham will have two wards; one with two councillors, and the existing ward with three as now, giving a total of five councillors. This means that at Parish level from 2023 Windlesham North will not be included with Bagshot and Windlesham will be reunited.

We would like to thank Tony Murphy who initially presented the Governance Review option to the committee resulting in its launch at the AGM and to all the electorate in Windlesham who signed Tony’s petition which resulted in the review.

As the sheer size of support and the momentum of the campaign grew, ‘One Windlesham’ was born. While the initial request for a separate Windlesham Village Council was not achieved, we have come a long way to reunite our village and with planned changes on how the 3 village model will adapt to the needs of each village expected to be agreed very soon we are confident that we have the best result possible at this time.

While the whole process has taken a long time, the working group assembled to negotiate a solution were quietly working together, yes together and we would like to acknowledge the time and effort put in by Democratic Services, Cllr Katia Malcaus Cooper, Cllr Mark Gordon, Cllr Barry Stacey and our own ‘One Windlesham Team’

Thank you.

The Windlesham Society